In the beginning...

The Quarry men pic 1 and pic 2
1961 : The Cavern, with Pete Best and the American singer Davy Jones
Paul, George and John in the Cavern


John, Paul, George
John, Paul, George (close-up)
Paul and George live !
Live at the Starclub !

The beginning of success

Paul, George and John prepare themselves for the show at Paul's
A young band ; and one of their first trophies
The gentlemen
A young band again
The Beatles in April 1963
John and Paul in 1963
John and Paul in July 1963
July 1963 : "She loves you"
Pretty pic in spring 1963 at Sefton Park, Liverpool
Concentrating on the guitars
The band pictured by Terence Spencer
At the fan-club
Another Beatlepic
Tandem Lennon-McCartney
July 1963

Live at the BBC
Always Coca-Cola !
Pop-corn ?
Pretty pic (yet I don't know the year exactly)
In his own write


Thank your lucky stars
Press conference in Miami
Feb 18th 1964 : with Mohammed Ali
The Beatles taking pictures in a swimming-pool (in February 1964) in Miami for the magazine Life.
March 1964 : with Harold Wilson
First tour in the USA : With Ed Sullivan
Las Vegas
At the airport, back from Australia
The Hard day's night's premiere
On the way to "Thank your lucky stars" by barge
Christmas 1964 's show

Paul and John in the USA (1965)
Help ! (Another girl)
The Bahamas pic 1 and pic 2
Paul and John in 1965
Paul and George in 1965
Nov 1965 : MBEs

May 19th, 1966 : Clips of Paperback Writer and Rain
May 20th, 1966 : idem
John and Geo in 1966
Paul and Geo during Revolver
Happy birthday Paul !



George signing an autograph
Checking the mail
The Beatles among the Parisians
The Beatles with Sylvie Vartan
The charms of Paris !
On the Champs Elysées


In their hotel, before their concerts in the Palais des Sports

Wives and girlfriends

With Cyn and Mo at the airport at the beginning of a tour
With Cyn and Mo at the Help!'s premiere (London Pavilion)
Cyn, John, Geo and Patti
Beginning of 1968 : Paul, Jane Mo and Ringo fly away to India
1968 : Paul, Jane Asher, Cynthia and John Lennon


Paul and his father (Daddy, daddy cool !)
John and his Aunt Mimi


Photo session during Penny Lane and Strawberry Fields For Ever
Sergeant Pepper's photo session
Sergeant Pepper's promo
During Sergeant Pepper
The Magical Mystery Tour
I am the walrus
During the shooting
1968 : the Beatles in their collarless jackets from 1963
Conclusion of the Yellow Submarine film

An old man reading
Among the flowers
Tenderness ...
The Beatles at Paul's with Martha
John is dead
Paul and Ringo during the White Album
Paul and John during the White Album
The White Album
Apple's promotion
The ballad of John and Yoko


John and Paul in 1969
Near the end
Near the end again
Abbey Road's photo session

The End

Fooling around (Boys just wanna have fun !)

George's card from Hamburg
I'd like to turn you on
George feeding Paul
Paul wants a new hairdress
End of 1963 : Pantomime
I'm so proud of my son !
What's so funny in the news ?
Good morning Ringo !
The French from the Beatles' point of view
Beatleshares are soaring !
Ringo is 24 !
Pillow fight
Sport's good for health
Let's twist again !
Olé !!!